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REMI is a leading name in India for Blood Bank & Laboratory equipment. Our expertise in blood component separation brings the best solution ‐ PRP centrifuge for low volume autologous PRP extraction within shortest possible time.
PRP centrifuges are available in Refrigerated versions.
PRP Centrifuge brings automation & ease of operation with simple steps to separate the autologous PRP.

  • Specially designed for PRP kits to ensure standard platelet property & standard platelet count
  • Microprocessor controls on all run parameters (RPM/RCF, Acceleration, deceleration, time & temperature) for consistent high platelet’s yield
  • Safety Features:
    Door interlock, imbalance cut off, overload protection
  • Ease of Operation:
    LCD display to select parameter, Feather touch Keypads
  • Dedicated interactive preset button:
    Programmed to pre-cool / run at recommended temperature for blood processing “ Avoids Hemolysis (AABB manual*)
  • F1 for pre-cool for keeping the centrifuge ready for separation
  • F2 for 1st spin for platelet separation
  • F3 for 2nd spin for platelet concentrate
  • Hygienic:
    Easy to clean Stainless steel chamber
  • Stable:
    Brushless induction drive motor (practically maintenance free)

Technical Specifications

PRP Plus

Max. Tube Size (ml) 20
Max. Capacity (ml) 80
* Min. Temeprature (°C) 22
Dimensions W x D x H (mm) 480 x 585 x 530
Noise Level <58 (dB)
Voltage Stabilizers VS – 02
Supply: 220-240 Volts 50 Hz, single Phase

* Note: Depending on capacity, type of rotor centrifugation speed, ambient temperatures and other parameters.