The DX One Series is built with modular construction and wide range of features to increase patient’s comfort and caregiver’s efficiency.

It has been engineered with the most modern manufacturing processes and the result is the combination of efficient performance along with durability which makes it the easiest choice of the user.

Motorised backrest, height adjustment

Wired handset control for patient and attendants

Dual side manually operated CPR Lever

Polymer moulded split type safety side rails (2 sets)

Polymer moulded head & foot panels, easily removable without using any tools

Four corner safety rubber buffers of 100 mm diameter

125 mm. diameter single wheel high grade synthetic body castors with diagonal locking mechanism

Inbuilt SMPS

100 mm thick four section metallic perforated top

Urine bag holder

S S Heavy Duty IV Pole with two hooks