The comfort bed consists of fixed height, four sections with mild steel perforated sheet top. It comprises of backrest, trendelenburg and reverse trendelenburg position on the crank mechanism with removable handle. Easily removable head and footboards and high-grade synthetic body castors of 125 mm diameter, two with brake and two without brake.

Backrest, upper leg, Trendelenburg & reverse Trendelenburg

DVT end platform/ calf elevation

Four section metallic perforated top

Pre-treated and epoxy powder coated MS parts

125 mm high grade synthetic castors, two with brake and two without brake

Separate screw mechanism

Four corner safety rubber buffers

Provision for IV Pole

Removable handle


  • Four section mattress with 4″ thick PU foam of 40 density
    covered with PVC
  • Oxygen cylinder cage
  • SS telescopic IV pole
  • SS telescopic IV pole with four hooks with SS bracket
  • SS lifting pole
  • Orthopedic traction pulley
  • Moulded chart holder
  • Urine bag holder


  • Collapsible type full-length type SS railing with epoxy powder coated frame (pair)
  • Swing down type full-length epoxy powder coated MS railing (Pair) (factory fitted Only)
  • Collapsible type epoxy powder vertical safety side railing (pair)
  • Collapsible type epoxy powder coated railing (pair)
  • Collapsible type epoxy powder coated MS safety side railing with SS tubes (pair)

Head And foot Boards

  • Polymer moulded head and foot boards (pair)
  • SS laminated head & foot boards (pair)