This motorized, versatile bed for Labour, Delivery, Recovery, and Postpartum enables the obstetrician to deliver the promise of safe birthing and recovery with a carefree experience. The bed provides comfort and ease to the patient as well as the obstetrician to assist in the hospital delivery. The bed is provided with handset control for easy adjustment of backrest, height, trendelenburg and reverse Trendelenburg functions.

Motorised backrest, height adjustment, trendelenburg & reverse trendelenburg

Wired handset control for patients

Polymer moulded split type safety side rails

Easily removable polymer moulded head & foot panels

Four corner safety rubber buffers

1125 mm diameter high grade synthetic body castors with central & directional locking mechanism

Aluminium lithotomy crutches mounted on stainless steel poles (one pair)

Removable stainless steel tray

Three section mattress with pink colour laminate

Dust protective base cover

Battery backup

Telescopic IV pole